Topic: Alternate Evaluation Strategy with Comparison


Includes each of the following:

1. Identify one other evaluation strategy (other than multiple choice test) that could be to evaluate student learning for the course selected: PLEASE USE CASE STUDIES AS THE ALTERNATE

2. Discusses at least two pros and two cons of using multiple choice testing compared to the other strategy selected

3. Reference at least two peer reviewed studies to substantiate this content.

*** We have identified other methods of assessing and evaluating student learning. Go back to the syllabus of your chosen course – the course objectives and Essentials that you are measuring through the test questions. What you need to focus upon is the EV-IDENCE of other methods that you find in resources within the last five years -evidence that identifies alternative testing formats OR other ways to measure/evaluate learning. You should not simply write that authors X, Y, & Z used case studies – what were the results of using case studies? How would case studies fit your particular objective/s and or address the Essential/s? You need to analyze the alternative strategies.

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