Topic: Amendments on study to assess the the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on workforce planning process in Commercial Bank of Qatar

New things to be introduced:

  1. 1 page abstract/executive summary
  2. Keywords in a research (add a small line which you need to mention the keywords that symbolize this research (similar to professional research practices))
  3. SWOT – conduct SWOT for the company (or department) with reference to main research question. The purpose of this SWOT is to show the importance and relevance of your chosen topic. Your research question should benefit at least 1 of the weaknesses that you will highlight in SWOT. (it should be a table)
  4. PESTLE – You can conduct PESTLE but it will not be assessed in our meeting. By conducting a good PESTLE analysis, you will move to higher grade. My meetings are focused to ensure you meet the acceptable standard. Exceeding the acceptable level depends on your own research, hard work and team effort. (it should be a table)
  5. Identify 3 CLOs (Course Learning outcomes) that are related to your research questions/objectives. These CLOs should be in your course information sheets/course outlines. If you cannot find the exact CLO, you can simply mention the course and topics (within the course) that have helped you in identify the research question/objectives. (it should be only one paragraph)
  6. How we are going to store the information and data: Spss or excel (we are going to use excel for sure) and in terms of other video or recording we can use google drive (to protect of losing the information)
  7. Work breakdown Structures (WBS) and tables (if necessary) highlighting the planning process and completion milestones.  You have following tasks to complete next semester – consider these as your milestones. Starting date is in Winter Semester from January 05, 2021 to March 31, 2021:
  1. Abstract/Executive Summary
  2. SWOT/PESTLE to identify the problem and development of research question
  3. Importance and Rationale for conducting the Project
  4. Research Question based on company need and importance of research area (SWOT/PESTLE)
  5. Literature Review
  6. Research Design and Methodology
  7. Data Analysis and Interpretation of results
  8. Limitations of research
  9. Ethical Concerns
  10. Recommendations and Conclusion
  11. References
  12. Appendices 

You can refer to website ; for more information on WBS

  1. Gantt Chart – To show the above mentioned tasks with completion dates (not counted in word limit). You can refer to website: and
  2. Abstract (not counted in word limit)
  3. Conclusion

things to be amended:

  1. We should not exceed 2,200 words in total
  2. Ensure that the structure of our proposal is similar to the one that we have in Module-1 (ours currently is not structured as required so feel free to move section to meet the instructor’s requirements)
  3. In the research design and methodology you need to mention that our approach that we are using is deductive approach (the bigger umbrella) plus why we are using the deductive approach and then we are going to use Mixed methodology which is quantitative (and you need to mention what is a quantitative method we are using and why), then qualitative (and you need to mention what is a qualitative method we are using and why)
  4. In the research design and methodology, we need to mention sample size for both quantitative and qualitative individually)
  5. In the research design and methodology, we need to mention details of both quantitative and qualitative individually such as duration how it is going to be applied …etc.
  6. In the research design and methodology, we need to mention demographics (Age, gender, seniority level, department…etc) of both quantitative and qualitative
  7. In the research design and methodology, we need to mention the average percentage of response rate both quantitative and qualitative (Each one individually)
  8. You need to mention at least 3-4 bias that we may face in our research and how to mitigate them. Find the links for the biases that the instructor is looking for

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research Paper
Pages / words-5 / 1375
Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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