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Is America the World’s Largest Sponsor of Terrorism?

Many prominent scholars have concluded that the global rise in state-sponsored terror was a result of U.S. foreign policy. The U.S. had been supporting Al Qaeda and other Terrorists/ Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Libya, Syria, and Iran (Links to an external site.). We also support Saudi Arabia which follows Wahhabism as their secular belief and despises Christianity. They support known Terrorists and finance many of the Terrorist groups that want to harm America. Why are we supporting regimes that want to see us destroyed?

Additionally, the CIA has the Red Cell Memorandum on the United States “exporting terrorism.” Why does so-called Terrorist from around the planet want to bring down America and our way of life? What do you believe is the reason we spend more on weapons of destruction than the next 7 strongest countries combined? Are we Terrorists in denial here in America?

Finally, what do you believe is the reason we just pulled out of Syria year and want to invade Venezuela? What issues do we have with the South American oil giant? Don’t we have enough issues here at home that need to be confronted before we claim helping set up Democracies in nations that do not want or need our assistance?

This is NOT an Opinion Paper!!!

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