Topic: an introduction to Research and Methodology and Methods


Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the significance and value of evidence based practice in informing health and social care, including policy and guideline development.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of research designs and methods.
  3. Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of key research approaches.
  4. Recognise the importance of ethical issues in research design and implementation.
  5. Using an appropriate research critiquing framework, demonstrate an ability to appraise research. 

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1.        Assignment Brief

Students will write a structured 2000 word literature review on a research topic of their choice. The assignment will enable students to explore and engage with the evidence-base around their chosen topic. Writing a literature review will enhance awareness of the current state of knowledge in a specific area, devlelop critical thinking and analytical skills and build confidence in literature search skills. Evidence-based practice is a paradigm within health and social care and literature and systematic reviews have a vital role to play in supporting practitioners to stay upto-date in their knowledge. The assignment will enable students to demonstrate achievement of all learning outcomes while considering evidence based practice within a broad conceptual frame.

Suggested assignment structure: 


Why undertake a literature review?

What is your question and why is it important to practice?

Inclusion criteria – what are your search terms and search strategy?


Describe the two key research methodologies.

Identify any strengths and weaknesses with respect to how the studies were carried out

Do the studies raise any ethical issues? Explain


What are the findings/results?

How might the findings/results lead to practice development?

How might the findings/results inform policies/guidelines?

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Healthcare

Pages: 7/1925

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