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Analyses on the politics of Asian continents such as Pakistan and India


In the recent times across the world each nation is competing for political and economic power in the world, United States of America has and is still a super power country in the world.
However, nations in the Asian continent such as China, India and Pakistan are sprouting very fast to out win the United States in these aspects in the world. With these aspects, it has brought about conflict of interest among nations in terms of their politics, cultures, and expectations from each other. This discussion looks at some of the politics, cultures and expectations observed in relation to Pakistan, India and the United States of America.
The relationship between Pakistan, India and the United states has grown and is highly significant; the two groups of countries share some common bonds in that both nations have nuclear weapons capability. The relation ship of United States with India and Pakistan, can be traced since the Post-World war II period, during this period the United States was criticized as only getting involved in the regions only during the periods of crisis and near crisis (Tahir, 1997).with the end of the cold war and the emergence of the India’s good looking economic prospects and policies, India become important for the United States. In the early and mid 1990s, the United States was India’s largest trading partners and a major source of technology and investments. In this event Indian students resulted in seeking for higher education in the United
States, especially in the areas of science and technology.
During the bush administration which had embraced the military regime in Pakistan as a key ally in its war n terrorism identified India as his potential strategic partner of the US, at the same time The US views Pakistan as a big supporter in its occupation of Afghanistan, to future ambitions elsewhere in oil rich central Asia and its struggle against AL-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups. During the cold war the US banned the indo Pakistani conflict so as to secure Pakistan as an anti-Soviet ally, however, later Washington brought about a settlement between its traditional ally Pakistan and its later new Indian ally in order to secure its predatory interests and ambitions across Asia.
The United States has huge interests in these countries and wants to make peace in the region as a way and a strategy of combating an anti American movement started by the jihad.
The previous U.S administrators pointed out that the India’s arsenal which was tested in 1974, was not legal and should be constrained and eliminated. They did this to India because of several reasons among them including the fear that legalizing the Indian arsenal might cause conflict in Asia because Pakistan, India and china may also decide to compete with India’s activities (Cater, 2006).
In conclusion, the conflict among this nations can be seen and bound not to end soon in relations to the interest they have in the world, competition for power and who should be responsible for nuclear is a subject that is very critical among this nations. The United States in his capacity feels that they should always remain at bay of the power, but as the world is moving this may result to problems that may affect the entire universe. Therefore there is need for this nations to resolve some of the conflict and interest they have for the betterment of the people of the world.

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