Topic: Analysis for Poem (Still I Rise) by Maya Angelou



For this essay, you will explain in detail, how the different poetic elements serve to create the meaning or theme A poetry explication provides a sense of how a particular poem means by analyzing the interplay of its elements. The reader of the poem/writer of the explication begins to image how the poem’s design formed in the mind of the poet, and thus arrives at a deeper appreciation of the poem’s complexity, intricacy, and unity.

Your task will be to analyze the poem and discuss how the elements of poetry (structure, form, rhyme/lack of rhyme, sound devices, imagery, figurative language, symbolism, etc.) contribute to or convey the theme/message of the poem. Each body paragraph should focus on a different element of poetry (figurative language, sound devices, tone, etc.) present in the poem, and you should give cited examples from the poem (cited parenthetically). Your purpose will be to convince your audience that your analysis of the selected poem is correct.

-Use MLA formatting in your paper.
-600 words just in the body not including everything else
-12 point, Times New Roman Font
-Double spaced
-Heading and Header

– Make sure that you have a clear thesis regarding your textual analysis. You must have a purpose for your readers.
-This paper is NOT a research paper. The only source you may use for this paper is the Norton text. Refer to speaking voice (persona) as the speaker or as persona, not as the poet.
-Do not write, for example : The poet Wordsworth describes the beauty of a London morning.
Write instead: The speaker describes the beauty of a London morning.
– Use present tense verbs. The poem as a work of literature is happening now.
– Avoid over-use of the verb “to be” by using some of the following verbs: conveys, presents, views, illustrates, asserts, posits, connects, portrays, contrasts, emphasizes, juxtaposes, juggles, suggests, implies, shows, addresses, stresses, mirrors, evokes, completes, enables, accentuates, expresses.
– The title is an important set-piece of the poem. It deserves consideration.
-Look up the meaning of unfamiliar words or allusions. Explain word connotations.
-Follow MLA format and include a Work Cited page.
-In the explication itself, do not tell why you enjoyed the poem or include any kind of first-person response. Do not use first-person reference. Write in third-person.

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Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-3 / 600
Number of sources-0
Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style
US English

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