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Topic: Analytical Report on how technology/automation is changing the shipping industry


Final Analytical Report
The major project this semester is the Final Analytical Report. For this report (FAR), you will be able to use the information you identified from the library assignment to help build it. There will also be assignments over the course of the semester that you will be able to roll into the actual report.
The FAR asks the writer to identify and solve a problem, assess an opportunity, or justify a decision within a specific industry. The FAR project cannot be anything related to campus; it must be industry-related. This does a couple of things:
Industry specific work helps you identify areas you will wish to “drill down” on during your studies
Industry specific work also helps you during the interview process, giving you information to discuss with the company you wish to work for – in other words, it makes you look GOOD!
First steps:
Read Chapters 14 & 15
Review the sample report (upon which your report will be based!) on pages 432-445/
Pick an industry
Identify a major issue within the industry or company of your choice related to your major
Research the subject – read trade journals, academic articles, etc. Refer to the presentation made by the Librarian to help you identify appropriate sources.
Consider what you CAN do: Is there an opportunity the company or industry is not taking? Is there a problem the company/industry is facing? Have they done something that is working or not working that can be examined?
Examples: Introducing carbon scrubbers – What are the benefits of that? To whom? Who has done it? Who has yet to do it?
Solves a Problem: This gives you the opportunity to pick a company and convince them that they should adopt carbon scrubbers.
Assesses an Opportunity: This gives you the opportunity to prove to that industry that their move to carbons scrubbers was a good (or bad) idea.
Examines Feasibility of Opening a New Market: This gives you the opportunity as the carbon scrubber manufacturer to approach a certain company to position their product.
Choose an approach. Will you assess an opportunity? Will you solve a problem? Will you justify a decision? Once you have chosen ONE of these approaches, begin researching, drafting, etc.
The FAR must have research and support, so if you are solving a problem, you must prove the problem exists, you must explain what it is, and you must find solutions that other companies or industries have done to solve it. This will be included in your report and it must be cited. More on this as we begin drafting.

Those are the instructions provided. Please follow them and write about how technology is changing the shipping industry/making it better.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research Paper
Subject-Not defined
Pages / words-8 / 4400
Number of sources-7
Academic level-High School
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Single
Language style-US English

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