Topic: Analyze the coverage of campaign finance law


Analyze the coverage of campaign finance law by examining a recent scholarly publication; the Pew Research Center’s survey of public opinion “What kinds of Supreme Court cases interest Americans? Not campaign finance” (April 10, 2014); a newspaper story on the April 2, 2014 Supreme Court ruling on political donation caps; a television news story; a blog; and letters to the editor. Write a 1,500-word essay as follows: a) Analyze how the scholarly publication coverage, the newspaper coverage, the television coverage, and the blog coverage of the topic differed. Which was most/least comprehensive in its coverage, and which was most/least informative? Was there evidence of political or informational bias in the way the material was presented in each medium? What factors do you think contributed to the differences you observed? Consider the target audience, commercial constraints (such as time), level of editorial requirements, etc. b) Analyze the public opinion survey’s sample, design, and wording, and compare it to the letters to the editor. What factors do you think contributed to any differences in opinion you observed? Explain why you believe one of these sources is a more accurate reflection of public opinion.

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