Topic: Applied Child Psychology research paper


Part 1) Making links between the placement and developmental psychology research
Please begin this part of your answer with one sentence stating what the placement was (ie your role and the children you were working with). In this part of your answer, you need to report three examples of children’s thinking/ behaviour that you observed in your placement. Try to include examples from different aspects of development: social, cognitive, communication, emotional. For each example, make a link to a specific issue in developmental psychology research and give an example of a study that has looked at this issue. Make sure you include the reference for each study.
Part 2) Critical review of a journal article on your choice of topic from:

• psychological effects of premature birth
• infancy and mental rotation
• nutrition, hydration and development
• concentration in context
• adolescent cognition and risk-taking behaviours

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Type of assignment-Research Paper
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