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Argument Essay Assignment Format: MLA (Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1” margins, double-spaced).

Must be at least three (3) full pages and a Works Cited on fourth page.

Sources: Must use at least three sources. Two sources from the Summary Assignment and one source of the student’s choice: another scholarly source, a source from a website, an interview, a podcast, etc.

Purpose: The purpose of the argument essay is to provide students an opportunity to do scholarly research and locate sources on a issue of their choice, summarize and analyze their chosen sources, and write an argument essay taking a specific stand on the issue while using quotations as evidence from their scholarly sources and logical reasoning to back up their stance (their thesis) on the issue.

Instructions: To receive maximum points on this assignment, the student writer should work to follow these instructions for composing the argument essay:

Introductory paragraph:

First, the student should provide an introductory paragraph that opens the conversation and provides a focused thesis as the last sentence of this paragraph. The thesis must include the issue as well as the student’s stand on the issue. Example: Community college should be free. The thesis also may include an organizational plan for the essay. Example: Community college should be free because the costs for college prevent many people from attending, grants and student loans do not cover all college expenses and, more people attending and graduating from college is an investment in the country’s economic stability.

The first body paragraph:

✓ A topic sentence should begin this paragraph and connect directly to the thesis

✓ The first paragraphs should be a shorter version of the two summary paragraphs that the student wrote for their sources in the summary/analysis assignment. The student writer should also include one or two sentences that summarize the third source that will be used within the essay. In other words, the first paragraph of this essay should combine the summary ideas of all three sources and show how they are connected to your chosen topic of research.

✓ The student must introduce the author and the text clearly for all three sources

✓ The student writer should use transitions when providing each summary (First, second, next, etc.)

The following body paragraphs:

✓ A topic sentence should begin each body paragraph and connect directly to the thesis ✓ These paragraphs should provide an explanation of the student’s stand on the issue in a logical and reasonable manner

✓ These paragraphs should be composed around quotations from the student’s sources. This information also comes from the analysis paragraphs of the summary/analysis assignment.

✓ Recognize that each of these body paragraphs must include a quotation from the student’s researched articles.

✓ Recognize that the student must use at least one quotation from each source, but the student writer may use more than one quotation from any of the sources.

✓ Recognize that the student’s argument often happens in their responses and explanations that precede or follow the quotations.

✓ Work to avoid plagiarism. Always use a signal phrase before the quotation, use page numbers in parenthesis after the quotation if provided, and use quotation marks.

Conclusion paragraph:

➢ This paragraph should be the shortest paragraph

➢ No new information in the conclusion ➢ This paragraph reminds the audience of the thesis Works Cited page:

➢Don’t forget the Works Cited page! When a writer uses a quotation from a source, they must provide a citation on the WC page in order to avoid plagiarism.

➢ Entries on this page must be in alphabetic order by the author’s last name or the title if no author. ➢ WC page must be in MLA format. Consult the Works Cited examples.

➢ Do not include entries on this page that you did not use in the essay.

➢ The WC page is a separate page. This should be the fourth page of your essay. Images in Argument Essay:

❖ The student writer may include images in the essay that connect directly to the topic

❖ The images must be no more than a half of a page in total space used throughout the essay. i.e. the student may use more than one image, but the total space used must not be over a half of one page.

❖ Images may include graphs or pictures that provide additional information to the audience

❖ The images must have captions that explain what they are, or the student must refer to the images within the essay explicitly.

Rubric for Argument Essay Assignment: 250 points possible 15 points Introductory paragraph opens the conversation and provides a thesis that makes a stand on an issue

25 points MLA format for quotations as well as grammar and punctuation accuracy

50 points for providing topic sentences for each body paragraph that connect to the thesis, logical reasoning and explanations for the argument, explanations for the quotations, and a conclusion paragraph.

10 points for WC page accuracy in format and required information

100 possible points x 2 (student’s essay score is doubled for a possible

200 points)

50 points for Peer Review on Peergrade (submit essay and Peergrade two student essays) Good Luck and Good Writing!


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