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Topic: Argument Question for the class of History of Ethnic/ Minority Education

Argument Question for the class of History of Ethnic/ Minority Education

Subject- Education
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Academic Level Bachelor
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Type of Paper Essay
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Paper Format APA
Please apply for this inquiry IF ONLY you have access to both books mentioned in the attached file

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Discuss one to three key issues in the development of American education, both K-16 and broadly defined, for Mexican Americans/Chicano/as. Issues might include – but are not limited to the:
1) Purposes and goals of education as conceived within Mexican American/Chicano/as communities;
2) Impact of social and political conditions on the educational experiences of Mexican American/Chicano/as;
3) Purposes, goals, and participants of local grassroot education movements within the Mexican American/Chicano/as communities.

1) Have an argument and support it
2) Identify major arguments that are shifts in thinking that scholars have had on issues
3) Situate experiences within larger developments of American education – i.e., Common School Movement, Progressive Era, Civil Rights era, etc.
4) Cite authors you use (class material)!

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