Topic: Assessment in Project Planning and Control – Individual

You have recently been appointed as the Project Manager by an investment company who wish to relaunch the Yang Sing Hotel under a new name after recently buying the building but they have concerns over the problems that caused the Yang Sing Hotel to close.
You need to develop a business case/project plan seeking justification on why this project should be approved. Your business case/project plan should include the thematic areas listed below, and propose how the project can deliver enhanced stakeholder value.
• Project mission; Aims and Objectives;
• Stakeholder expectations and engagement management;
• Planning , Scheduling, Resource Utilisation and Cost Estimation;
• Performance Measurement and Management of Quality;
• Risk Management; What are the key risks to the Yang Sing Project: explain why you have chosen these as being key.
• Conclude your report by adding a section on future considerations in relation to the operational product/service lifecycle and anticipated project impact.

You will need to take the following into account when completing your assignment.
• Each topic should be corelated to a relevant Project Management theory, tool or application and be fully referenced;
• All discussion included will need clarity of argument and relevance to the project’s context;
You should follow an industrial report format. Therefore, your report should have:
• Cover page that will include the Project title, your Name and Student ID;
• Executive Summary; (not part of the word count)
• Contents page;
• Introduction;
• Main body based on the 5 thematic areas described above. In sections and sub sections;
• Discussion and Conclusion;
• References / Bibliography;
• Appendices.
The report should also be page numbered. Please note if you are uncertain on how to present and structure a report then visit the university library and ask for assistance.
You are advised to use diagrams, illustrations, tables, graphics etc. wherever these are helpful, and remember that these do not count towards your word limit. If you do use these, please do not put them in the appendices if they are part of your discussion. Appendices are the appropriate places to put supporting material, however, remember if the reader is satisfied with the main points of your discussion; the supporting information within the appendices may not even be reviewed.
Try to use theory explicitly at all stages, but do not spend too much time describing a theory. While you must be explicit about the theories, models, techniques etc. that you use, you can assume that the reader is familiar with them. What the reader requires is evidence of your ability to understand and apply the theory and learn from in order to support the development of your findings and/or ideas.
You must cite all sources on which you have relied, for example textbooks, journal articles, web pages etc. using the APA 6th (Harvard) Style system. If you do not cite all sources, then you may be accused of plagiarism, and that may endanger your success in passing the module. If you are in any doubt about how to reference your work, please obtain guidance from the library and/or your academic librarian(s) for this module.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Management
Pages/words: 11/3000
Number of Sources: 13
Academic level: Master’s
Paper format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Double
Language Style: UK English

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