Topic: autism spectrum disorders benefit from visually presented information, discussion assignment


1) Read chapter 10.
2) Complete the assignment below.

Session 8 Paper (Between 3-4 pages) Cite from the textbook please!

A) Now that you have an understanding of students with autism spectrum disorders, how would you address the social, behavior and sensory challenges of students with autism in your classroom?

B) Students with autism spectrum disorders benefit from visually presented information because it is more concrete than auditory information and allows for greater processing time.

Develop two of the following types of modifications to support students with autism in your classroom:
-describe how you would label all machinery and classroom items in order to help expand these students’ vocabulary
-develop a visual schedule which presents a list of activities using a combination of icons, images, words or clock faces to help students anticipate upcoming activities in your classroom
-create task cards to help students recall academic content, routines or social skills by listing the steps the student must follow in a series of directive statements, expressed in concise language.

C) What are at least four examples of sensory issues that students with autism spectrum disorders may experience? How might these issues affect a student with autism in your vocational classroom?

Third Edition, Special Education: Contemporary Perspectives for School Professionals by Marilyn Friend

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