Topic: Autonomy Implications for Flipped Classrooms.

Research Questions (RQs):

Q1: Teachers targeted question 1: What is the extent that the teachers allow their students to be autonomous in Flipped classroom?

Q2: Targeted students 1: Are students ready to be independent learners in Flipped classroom?

Q3: Targeted students 2: To what extent do teachers encourage student’s autonomy in Flipped classroom?

Literature review themes:

1. What is Flipped classroom.

2. Origins of Flipped Classroom

3. Flipped Classroom in Higher Education: – Flipped classroom all around the world + Flipped classroom in Saudi Arabia EFL context.

4. Constructivist theory effect on Flipped classroom

5. Student Phycological process of Flipped classroom

6. Advantages of Flipped classrooms:

7. Challenges of Flipped Classrooms.

8. Saudi Vision 2030 and Flipped classroom.

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