Topic: Aviation strategy policy essay

Formulating, Analysing & Researching Policy

The issues facing the aviation industry are complex and require sophisticated policy and strategy responses. However, developing an understanding of them is a rewarding experience for any aviation student seeking a career in strategic management. Taking into account key factors in the political, economic, social and technological environment which influence policy-making the relationship between research and policy-making has to be considered as well.

As part of this assignment, you will choose a piece of aviation policy or strategy. This could, for example, be taken from any level on the policy hierarchy – from corporate strategy to any wider policy. Following this, you will explain how the strategies outlined in this policy will make that airport, airline, or aviation organisation more attractive and competitive.

Here you are suggested to use a range of models such as Ansoff Matrix (1957), PESTEL (1967), Boston Matrix (1968), Porter’s Five Forces (1979), Mintzberg (1987), Bowman’s Strategic Clock (1997), Core Competencies (1990) Blue Ocean Strategy (2005), etc. as your framework for analysis. Further details of their working can be found in lecture notes (sessions for Week 02 to Week 05).

You need to write up a 2,000-word essay (excluding your bibliography and appendices). Important, a copy of your chosen policy or strategy document must be included in the appendices. Please include a cover sheet with the name or title of your essay.

Your answer is expected to be in prose. Please do not present your findings as a series of bullet points or notes. You may use diagrams or non-text elements wherever appropriate to clarify your explanations. You should include a word count at the end of your report. You are to work alone in writing the report and all submissions must be individual. You must submit the assignment electronically using Blackboard.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Management

Pages: 8/2200

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