Topic: Best Practices in Instruction in Higher Education


Sharing resources and knowledge is an expected practice for instructors in higher education. Being able to present best practices with new faculty is key in sharing ways to increase student engagement and to discover new ways to facilitate classroom discussions.

Imagine you are part of the Faculty Conference Planning Committee for your content area at your higher education institution. You have been asked to prepare a break-out session for instructors new to your content area discussing student interaction and classroom facilitation. In a 500-550 word outline for your break-out session, explain the following:

At least two research-based instructional strategies for teaching adult learners in your content area.

At least two research-based best practices to facilitate classroom discussions in both the online and traditional higher education settings.

At least two research-based differentiation strategies appropriate for adult learners.

At least two research-based instructional methods effective for both online and traditional higher education classrooms. Explain in what circumstances each method would be appropriate in your content area.

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