Topic: Biblical Stewardship philosophy essay


The biblical definition of a steward is one whom has been given a trust. The definition of a trustee is one whom has been given a trust. Given that, there is no better application for a biblical steward then to serve as a member of a Board (as a trustee). In this paper, you are to write 3-5 pages about the role of a board member and the role of an organizational leader from the perspective of biblical stewardship.
• Watch the video: LDR 9610 Week Five Lecture (Links to an external site.)
• Review Chapters 9-10 in Wilson.
• Review Chapters 3-4 in Brinckerhoff.
• Review “Making Boards Effective” by Minichilli, Zattoni, and Zona.
• Write a 3-5 page papers addressing the following:
o Cite Chait, Ryan and Taylor to explain the Fiduciary, Strategic and Generative responsibilities of a trustee.
o Include 2-3 scholarly sources in addition to the books above.
 One source that may be helpful to you is a book entitled, Governance as Leadership, by Chait and Ryan and Tyler.

Brinckerhoff, P. C. (2004). Nonprofit Stewardship: A Better Way to Lead Your Mission-Based Organization. Fieldstone Alliance.
Minichilli, A., Zattoni, A., & Zona, F. (2009). Making Boards Effective: An Empirical Examination of Board Task Performance. British Journal of Management, 1, 55.
Wilson, K. (2016). Steward leadership in the nonprofit organization. InterVarsity Press.

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