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Topic: Bigamous Marriage in early modern England

section I (538-542) – What prompted the 1604 Act? Generally, what were the laws concerning bigamy?

Section II (542-548) – What are Capp’s major categories of bigamists? (By my count, there are about 6 or 7 of these).

Section III (548-549) – What are Capp’s major categories of bigamists’ spouses?

Section IV (549-551) – How were bigamists either a) discovered, or b) able to escape detection?

Section V (551-554) – When bigamists were discovered and prosecuted, how likely were they to be found guilty?

Section VI (554-555) – What kinds of punishments were they likely to face?

One of the themes these readings share is ‘identity’ – specifically, it seems like early modern Europeans were really bothered by crimes that involved a person misrepresenting some aspect of who they were. Based on these readings, where do you see that basic deception as either a) treated like a crime in and of itself, or b) treated like an aggravating factor that made other crimes more serious?
These readings also reflect a general tendency among early modern European governments, to use criminal laws as an instrument of enforcing a moral public order. From these articles, how effective does that strategy seem to have been? What challenges did state authorities face when they tried to make sure that the crimes their laws defined were actually being reported, prosecuted, and punished?
Each of these articles also shows how the people who were in a criminal’s social circle – family members, friends, accomplices, neighbors, and other people in their community – played a role in the criminal justice process. In these readings, where did other people in a community most directly affect that process? Where were they most directly responsible for determining which criminals were prosecuted and punished? Conversely, where do we see those friends, neighbors, and other ‘bystanders’ being able to prevent or obstruct criminal prosecution?

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