Topic: Biology Termpaper Assignment Paper


Purpose: To write an article reviewing the published scholarly literature concerning a topic of current and ongoing research in your field. Your objective in this review is to “integrate [and to] correlate results from published research on [this] particular subject [. . .] to serve as a guide to the original literature” (ACS Style Guide). This review need not evaluate nor criticize the research being reviewed.

Requirements: a. You will research and review a minimum of six (6) research articles on related topics. b. The review should be a minimum of 1200 words in length–it may be longer if necessary to cover the topic. c. All references should be documented in current CSE Name-Year Style (i.e., in-text citations with a complete list of Literature Cited at the end). d. Please submit the final draft in standard manuscript form (i.e., double-spaced, one-inch margins, first line of each paragraph indented one-half inch, etc.), with identifying information in the upper left corner of the first page. Please number your pages in the upper right corner.


1. Choose a topic of current scientific research, either one from the lists supplied on the Assignments page or one of your own interests. Feel free to consult professors in your major field for advice on how to narrow a topic or on what journals to consult.

2. Find at least six current (i.e., since 2010) research articles that deal with some aspect of this topic.

3. After reading each article all the way through, write a review article that discusses all of them.

4. In organizing the review, you may follow either a topical approach or a publication-bypublication approach. Either format should include an introduction and conclusion that frame the overall perspective of the review by noting the areas of agreement or disagreement “on key issues and findings” (Andrews, p. 480).

5. In writing the reviews, you will be summarizing the results of the various studies. Thus you will want to focus on the introduction, results, and discussion sections of the article under examination. Materials and methods will be mentioned only if the researchers used a particularly novel approach.

6. While summarizing ideas within a review resembles abstracting in some respects, the two processes are also somewhat different. Most importantly, the review attempts to “correlate” (ACS Style Guide) the results of a particular study with those of other similar studies. Thus, it does not have to be as comprehensive as an abstract (i.e., it need not summarize all of the findings).

Instead, a review writer should focus on the way that a particular study corroborates, extends, and/or contradicts the results of other studies. Accordingly, the review writer should pay special attention to transition words that signal those sorts of relationships among ideas.

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