Topic: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the future thereof within the finance world

This thesis needs to be based on my current dissertation that was previously written. I will send this through with all my log in details to the website etc. As the dissertation will be used as the basis and the thesis needs to be built around this we need to elaborate on the jurisdictional challenges as well as advantages in different Countries. We can choose for example 2 different countries with different laws on this trading currency. The advantages and disadvantages in trading with Bitcoin as per outside people, with valid comments from different people. The future of Bitcoin within the Financial Trading world or if there even is a future within the financial world for bitcoin and trading currencies, and if there is one which Countries it would prosper in and which not (tying in with the jurisdictional challenges and advantages). I need to have valid argumentative points and acceptable academic references. It should also be 100% original as I am not allowed more than 15% similarity on my reports as they will throw it out. I will send everything over in an email with all passwords and the docs.

Type Of Service : Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment : Thesis
Subject : Finance
Pages/words : 51/14000
Number of sources : 20
Academic Level : Master’s
Paper Format : APA
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : UK English

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