Topic: Black Lives Matter and Black Panther party



Research each group and find one that interests you.

Read or watch 2-3 additional items so that you have a clear understanding of the history, goals, and context of the organization. List your sources in your response. What did you read beyond the links included here?

Respond to the prompts below related to your chosen group:

a. What group did you choose and why?
b. What additional readings or viewings did you choose and why? (Link them!)
c. What stood out to you and why? What seems unusual or unclear and why?
d. How did your group’s approach connect–or not–to the Black Panther Party? Did they want reform or revolution and why? What strategies did they use to get there and how were they similar to or different from the Panthers’s approach (if you chose the Seattle chapter of the BPP, you can simply compare to the other chapters)?
e. Analyze your group’s progress along Harro’s Cycle of Liberation. How far did they get? What obstacles did they face and why?
f. What implications from your chosen group can we see today in US American culture? Locally?
g. Connect at least two course concepts or theories to what you have learned about your group.
Note that a reflection paper is NOT a summary! Make sure you stay focused on the various components of the prompt.

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