Topic: Book Review-Parts of the book

Book Review – Step 2 – Parts of the Book – Create Citation, Publishing Information, and Acknowledgments Document
This portion of the assignment requires you to identify the many parts of a book and its scholarly qualifications.
Create a BR 2 Word document and answer the following questions in a list format:

  1. Provide a bibliographical citation, not a footnote or endnote citation, for your book, abstract, and journal reviews, using the form outlined in Chicago Manual of Style, or follow the style sheet supplied for this course.
    Front Matter of the Book
  2. Identify and list the ISBN or International Standard Book Number.[1]
  3. Identify and list the Online Computer Library Catalog or OCLC number.[2]
  4. Identify and list the Digital Object Identifier or DOI number.[3]
  5. Can you find a Library of Congress call number? Generally, this appears on the “copyright” page of the book.
  6. Can you find a British Library call number? Generally, this appears on the “copyright” page of the book.
  7. Who reviewed all or part of the book before its publication to check it for mistakes? Is this book peer-reviewed?
  8. Did the author list readers in the preface or acknowledgements?
  9. What organization if any supported the author with money to do the research and/or writing of the book?
    End Matter of the Book
  10. Indexing – does the book have an index?
  11. Is the index slightly or extensively cross-referenced, or is it not cross-referenced at all? (If you do not know what cross-referencing is, do some research and find out!)
  12. How is the bibliography of the book organized?
  13. How many sections are listed in the bibliography?
  14. Is the bibliography annotated, or listed in alphabetical order?
  15. Does the author use footnotes or endnotes to cite sources?
  16. Approximately what percentage of the sources the author cites in her/his notes are primary or original documents?
  17. What percentages are secondary, such as monographs books written based on primary and secondary sources? Provide a percentage based on an analysis of footnotes/endnotes.
  18. Did the historian consult archives or depend entirely on printed works he/she could find in a library?

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment: Coursework
Subject: History
Pages/words: 3/825
Number of Sources: 2
Academic level: Junior(College 3rd year)
Paper format: Chicago
Line Spacing: Double
Language Style: US English

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