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Instructions for the written home examination:
This written examination is an open book home examination and should primarily be done by help of
the course book, chapters 1-14. You are also encouraged to refer to additional journal articles where
you find them relevant. Journal articles should not be seen as a replacement of the course book. The
course book (Keller, 2013) is the primary source, but if you aim for a higher grade complementing
your discussions with relevant articles from recognized journal sources is recommended. For some
questions, referring to the course book as well as relevant articles from recognized journal sources
will be necessary. In other questions, you might have to refer to different chapters of the book. The
examination consists of four questions.
The Purpose of the examination is that you should:

  1. Show your understanding of the literature and your ability to discuss, analyze and form
    conclusions based on relevant sources. This means that you should work with your text and sources
    and write the answers with your own words.
  2. Show that you can apply your knowledge on the essay questions.
  3. Show that you can discuss and reflect upon brand management issues and theories. Formal
    • Use Times New Roman font , The font size should be 12 with 1.0 line spacing.
    • As a rule of thumb guidance – your paragraphs should typically be about 5-8 sentences long and
    clearly linked and connected (nicely structured discussions which can be easily followed)
    Assessment of the answers In the assessment (grading) of the exam will the criteria’s below
    particularly be taken into Consideration: 1. Independence and width, that means that you
    independently with help of the literature discuss the various issues so that it is clear that you have
    understood the literature. 2. Reflection and depth, that means that you, in addition to the above,
    can take a stand and choose strategies that are appropriate for the case you are working with. This
    means that you show that you can apply the knowledge into action. The test depth is also to argue
    for and justify the choices you make. 3. Personal critical reflection of the brand management issues,
    namely that you can make your own reflection on such various models and theories, usability and
    credibility. NOTE: You will gain much more points if your answers, suggestions and descriptions are
    clearly connected to and anchored on the brand management theories rather than just general
    Essay question 1 – (10 points) Explain the customer based brand equity model which is also known
    as brand resonance model for target consumers in Sweden for the brand H&M: Support your
    discussions by using the course textbook, company websites, case studies on your selected brand as
    well as other relevant literature from academic journal sources. (10 points – max 3 pages)
    Essay question 2 – (10 points) Gather all the social media marketing communication materials of the
    brand IKEA from January 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020: Evaluate the social media communication
    strategy of the brand and explain with example the effectivity of the social media communication
    strategy of the brand to showcase their brand meaning and make their brand message reach their
    target audience? (10 points – max 3 pages)
    • For evaluation purpose, you can choose social media communication of your selected brand
    towards one country or one region of the world or global audience.

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