Topic: Breast cancer ESSAY

Imagine that a particular woman in the UK receives an invitation for mammography screening for the third time. On the two previous occasions she has refused the invitation because she has heard about the experience of other people and doesn’t like the idea of undressing or the discomfort of having her breast squashed while the mammogram is taken. She is 56-years old, has only one child, is 160 cm high and weighs 90kg. Her mother and aunt have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past, and successfully treated.

Write a short essay, explaining why it may be beneficial for this woman to accept the offer of regular mammography screening, and the reasons why it is necessary to squash the breast for this procedure. Your essay should be no more than 1000 words in length, and should discuss the following points:

  • The lifetime risk of developing breast cancer for a woman of this age (bearing in mind that the UK is a high-income country).
  • Referring to the description given above, identify at least two relevant risk factors that may make this woman more vulnerable to developing breast cancer than another woman of the same age. Make sure you briefly explain the biological reasons why these factors increase risk.
  • Explain why it is necessary to squash the breast while taking a mammogram, even though it can be slightly uncomfortable.
  • Briefly sum up the main advantages of being screened regularly for breast cancer.

You should write your essay in a clear, scientific manner, and in such a way that a fellow SDK100 student will be able to understand it, which means that you should use the scientific terms and concepts that you have learnt, but you will need to explain these in clear and simple terms.

Start by making some notes about what you have learnt from the module that address each of the bullet points above, then make a brief plan of the information you want to use in the different parts of your essay and how you will organise it. You will be awarded some marks for including your essay plan as part of your TMA. Your plan should then make it easier to start work on the full essay.

You will be awarded marks for the structure of your essay, which should be a piece of writing (without sub-headings) that includes a title, a short introduction, a main body, a short conclusion, citations in the text for any references you have used (including the SDK100 module materials) and a final reference list.

You should be able to complete the essay using your understanding of the module materials, so you are not expected to use material from outside the module. You can include figures, graphs or tables in your essay if you wish, but if you reproduce these items from another source (i.e. you haven’t created them yourself) you must reference them appropriately.

Please note that your essay plan and your essay should be in your own words. You should not copy sentences and phrases from the module materials or other sources, e.g. the internet, because they WILL be detected by plagiarism detection software and this may result in marks being deducted from your TMA score.

Your essay should be no more than 1000 words in length. You will be awarded some marks for using properly constructed sentences and paragraphs, being clear, coherent and concise (staying within the word limit) and making your essay accessible to a fellow student. At the end of your answer, write the number of words that you have used.

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