Topic: British and Saudi relations (Dareen Treaty – Jeddah Treaty)


British and Saudi relations (Dareen Treaty – Jeddah Treaty)

The dissertation consisting of:
a) Introduction (1000 words)
Chapter one:
b) Darin Treaty from the Saudi perspective (4,000 words)
c) Darin Treaty from the British perspective (4,000 words)
Chapter two:
d) Jeddah Treaty from the Saudi side (4,000 words)
e) Jeddah Treaty from the British side (4,000 words)
f) Conclusions (1,000 words)

* A footnote to the chapters, introduction and conclusion must be included
* The words count includes the footnotes, but not the bibliography.
* use the Oxford style for the references, please ((check the attached file)) I’m put an article file so you can follow the same style
* Read the propozol profile and avoid the errors described in the supervisor’s comment
* needed is around 25 ,secondary and 80 primary sources. However, it is not only the quantity, but also how carefully you will analyse your primary sources.
* choose primary sources carefully
* arrange the list of references(bibliography) by putting primary sources first, then secondary sources.

Type of service-Dissertation services
Type of assignment-Dissertation
Pages / words-66 / 18150
Number of sources-105
Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style
UK English

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