Topic: British Museum experiencescape technique

Using an event or attraction of your choice that you can attend (physically or virtually) during the module run, create a digital story that provides a personal account of your own experience and analyses the creative design of the experiencescape in relation to relevant concepts and theories.

You should address the following points in detail:

1. Give a critical account of your own personal experience of the chosen attraction/event

2. Identify the touchpoints in the experiencescape that contribute to either a positive or negative attendee experience (2-3 aspects would be appropriate in the time frame)

3. Relate these aspects to your knowledge of best practice and theories of experiencescape design providing a critical analysis of why and how the aspect has arisen

4. Provide strategic recommendations for how the aspect could be addressed – this could be to resolve a problem, improve an existing touchpoint opportunity, or to further enhance an area of good practice

Type of assignment: Annnotated bibliography

Subject: Management

Pages: 3/825

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