Topic: Business Management Research

This individual assignment requires the written submission of a critical review of key elements of research found in management research papers, articles and journals. The report involves the critical analysis of Business Management Research using the Thematic Analysis Grid literature review process.

Each student should:

  1. Select a set of 10 papers based on one (or two) special issues (SIs) of a business or management academic journal. If you use more than one special issue, please ensure that the articles are focused on the same ACADEMIC CONSTRUCT.

**Amendment: Students should find at least ONE article from a special issue but the remaining articles can be from other journals – it is important to ensure that every article selected focusses on the same academic construct e.g. ‘employee engagement’ or ‘servant leadership’ – this needs to be as specific as possible

  1. Consult each journal article in the SIs and identify themes from each article using a grid of themes using the Thematic Analysis Grid literature review method.
  2. Refine the grid in preparation for the critical writing process
  3. Write a critical review of the special issue paying to the following areas:
    1. The types of questions and constructs under examination
    2. Themes, differences, and gaps across any conceptual frameworks
    3. Themes, differences, and gaps in the literature identified across the special


  1. Themes, differences and gaps in research methodology, methods the

special issue including (but not limited to) research design, sampling, and

data analysis

  1. Themes, differences, and gaps findings across the special issue
  2. Themes, differences, and gaps in limitations across the special issue
  3. Areas for further research identified in the special issue

Your critical review must also include an introduction, conclusions and a section critically describing the specific steps you took, the choices you make and the process you undertook in developing and refining the Thematic Analysis Grid

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Management

Pages: 11/3000

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