Topic: Business Policy & Strategic Management Essay

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From the Syllabus:
Essay Assignment (300 Points)
The purpose of the essay exercise is to encourage review of course materials and to deepen understanding. Grading is according to three main areas: clarity & language
(1/5), integration of case and concepts (3/5), and the use of other cases & concepts
(1/5). Assignments are due at the start of the session listed.

Late work will be penalized 5% per day. Essays must not exceed 10-pages,
double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point Arial font, and must have the Student
Name/Section in the Header. You may have an additional 4-pages for graphs,
exhibits, and/or charts along with 1-page for work-cited.

Grading Scale:
Quality of Performance Grade
Excellent-Exceptional Achievement 90-100%
Good-Extensive Achievement 80-89%
High Pass-Acceptable Achievement 70-79%
Pass-Minimum Achievement 60-69%
Fail-Inadequate Achievement >0-59%
No Credit-No Achievement 0%

4/15/21: Company Selection
5/4/21: 1st Draft Due (70% Complete – Most content, not polished, Peer Feedback)
5/18/21: 2nd Draft Due (90% Complete – All content, initial polishing, Instructor Feedback)
6/3/21: Final Essay Due (100% All Areas)

Company Selection:
Large public organization (available information)
You have a personal interest
Helps if there is controversy or they are in trouble, maybe they have a significant opportunity ahead of them
Essay Contents:
Company Summary – 1 Page Max
Short summary of the company referencing attributes that would be important for consuming the rest of the essay. (Look at the text for inspiration)
Company Challenge/Opportunity – 1 Page Max
Short summary of the challenge or opportunity being addressed in the essay, must explain “why” this is worthy of examination
Leverage the learnings from the text, classroom discussion on cases and concepts
Recommendation – 1 Page Max
Demonstration of critical thinking leveraging the content of the essay to provide a strategic recommendation to the business addressing the challenge or opportunity
Supporting data and visuals as appendix – Unlimited (outsider of 10 Pages of essay content)
Referencing and Plagiarism:
Per school guidelines, reference all work you did not author. Do not plagiarize, I can tell when it is your “voice” vs some else’s.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: English
Pages/words: 7/1925
Number of sources: 3
Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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