Topic: Business research Essay Paper

Assessment 1(3000 words)
Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is for you to showcase and apply your knowledge on the crucial first step of any business research, i.e. Business Research Problem identification and definition to a real company/industry.
Description: In this assessment, you are required to choose an industry/company that you are currently in or aspiring to be part of as to apply the main tasks in this assessment. You will need to use the same company for your final assessment in the course (Assessment Task 2).
There are several main tasks in this assessment:

  • Specify the industry and company that you are going to focus on and justify why
  • Go through the scientific process of Research Problem identification
  • To turn the research problem into problem statement/objectives
  • To showcase the draft of your Business Research Plan (bullet points are acceptable for this task)

Assessment 2(4000 words)
Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is for you to submit a research plan that is clear, concise, consistent and convincing. You will continue with the problem statement/objectives specified in Assessment Task 1 and the company/industry that you have chosen. By doing this assessment, you will be able to not only apply what you learn in BRD(Business Research Design) course but also develop necessary written communication skills to communicate your plan.
Description: There are two main tasks in the course:

  1. To write a research plan by applying all the theories and concepts that you learn in the course. Your research plan should be clear, concise, consistent with what you wrote in the Assessment Task 1 and convincing. This would demonstrate your level of skills relevant to gaining agreement from others, by convincing an organisation’s Board (or other industry relevant decision-maker such as a funding body) to approve the cost to approve the cost of employees being given time away from their normal duties to conduct the research that you are proposing.
  2. Additionally, you will need to write a small/short reflection (to be included as an Appendix) showing how your view has/has not changed from since you submitted your individual essay one month ago.
    We have deliberately used the term ‘research plan’ rather than ‘research proposal’ to emphasize that we are looking for content and structure suitable for presenting to a team of business executives or members of a company’s Board rather than the type of content and structure suitable for presenting to academic supervisors if you were preparing to enroll in a PhD Program.
    Structure your reflection in the following way:
    You will submit a research proposal to be structured in the following way:
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction
    • The business problem (its significance/importance)
    • Research questions
  6. Literature Review
  7. Methodology
    • Sample/Participants
    • Data collection
    • Data analysis
    • Ethical issues
  8. Reference List
  9. Appendix

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