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Returning to the organization in Middleboro that you have been writing about, you will culminate this fourth part of the writing assignments by assessing the organization, evaluating your findings, and developing a strategic plan that they can use to improve their performance as an organization.

For this assignment, you will write a 6-7 page APA (Links to an external site.) formatted paper that provides an overview of your organization, a SWOT analysis, and recommendations to address identified threats and/or weaknesses.

In your paper:

Briefly describe the organization, i.e. purpose/mission, size, market share, # of employees, patient days, revenues, etc.

Complete a SWOT analysis for your health care organization. Provide 3-5 factors that are major issues for each category, i.e. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.

Summarize and analyze the data to reflect what you believe are opportunities that will improve quality in your organization.

Choose two factors from the threats or weaknesses and recommend actions to resolve or improve what you identified. Recommendations must be grounded in evidence-based practice.

Using your analysis and recommendations, develop an evidence-based strategic plan that will optimize strengths and opportunities and minimize weaknesses and threats.

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Type Of Assignment: Essay
Subject: Healthcare & Medicine
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Academic Level : Junior(college 3rd year)
Paper Format : APA
Line spacing : Double
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