Topic: Canadian WorldViews Creative Piece and Explanatory Essay

General Instructions

  1. This document contains all the information needed to do Assignment 3. We suggest you print it immediately. Carefully read it before you start, so you understand the requirements.
  2. Make sure you have covered all the lessons in Module 4 before you try to complete this assignment.
  3. Your completed assignment includes two files. The first one will contain a personal creative piece that may be a sculpture, a painting, or a drawing; to make it transmittable electronically, it will have to be photographed using a digital camera and saved as a JPEG format. Alternately, it may be a short story or a poem written with Microsoft Word, or a song recorded as a Wave file.
  4. The second file will contain your essay written with Microsoft Word.
  5. Once the assignment has been evaluated by your tutor, return to the course website to retrieve it, along with the assessment grid. Save and print the files. The grid contains your marks as well as your tutor’s feedback.
    Good luck!

Creative Piece and Explanatory Essay [ /100 points]
Situation scenario
You are taking part in an international meeting of students from around the world. Its goal is to provide a critical account of the identity and world views of the participants. The process begins with each participant producing a creative piece that demonstrates his or her identity and an explanation of the significance of the creative piece to help you all understand each other’s work.
The purpose of this assignment is to see how well you are able to express your Canadian identity and your world view and demonstrate your understanding of your “place” within Canada.
The first task consists of producing a creative work that reflects your identity in Canada. You may do a sculpture, a painting or a drawing, a short story, a poem or a song. Whatever your choice, it must be saved in the prescribed format and be transmittable electronically.
The second task consists in writing an essay of 800 to 1,000 words in which you analyze the creative work that you have produced. You will present your identity in Canada, incorporating your world view, and then compare and contrast your world view with a prevalent Canadian world view.

  1. Before you start, carefully read the evaluation criteria to understand the specific requirements of the assignment. As you will see, the creative piece is compulsory, but its artistic merit will not be evaluated. Given this fact, it is in your best interest to spend most of your time on the analysis of your creative work.
  2. Choose a medium for your creative piece. Students who have hobbies like drawing, writing poetry, painting, etc., will usually choose one of these means for the production of their creative work. If you do not have such a hobby, that is fine too. Many students who claim not to be artistically inclined actually discover that they are more than capable once they get started. So this could be an excellent chance for you to try something new!
  3. Once you have selected your medium, think about your identity and world view in Canada and how you can symbolically represent them. Here are some questions to help you get started:
     Think about some of the stereotypes about being Canadian. Are you like the stereotypes? If not, how are you different?
     What about your sense of belonging in Canada and Quebec. Do you feel like you belong? Why or why not?
     Were you born in Canada? Were your parents?
     Do you identify with more than one cultural background?
    Once you have an idea about your Canadian identity, world view, and living in Canada, let your creative juices flow and create something that illustrates them.
  4. Do a critical analysis of your creative piece. This should be presented in an 800- to 1,000-word essay containing an introduction, body, and conclusion and written in Microsoft Word, using an 11-point Arial font. You may draw from Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4, and you must use the appropriate terminology and concepts to support what you are saying.
     In the opening paragraph, in addition to providing a brief introduction to the essay, explain why you chose the particular medium to produce your creative work and describe it more generally.
     The body of the essay should explain the symbolic importance of your creative work. What does each part represent in terms of your identity, world view, and living in Canada? How does your world view compare and contrast with a prevalent world view in Canada or Quebec? This part will likely incorporate some of the answers to the questions above and any others you deem important to include. Be sure to provide the definition of a world view and to explain how world views shape our lives.
     You are expected to incorporate a minimum of three references (articles, Workbook, and/or films) in your analysis. Be sure to properly cite all the sources you use and include a reference page at the end of your essay (this is not part of your word-count).

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