Topic: Care of deteorating patient nursing assignment

Care of the Deteriorating Patient

Assignment Guidelines

The assessment will be in the form the two final patient scenario worksheets submitted to Turnitin. The questions will relate to the overall learning outcomes for the module as listed at the beginning of handbook. There are three questions for each scenario based around the module learning objectives.

You will be expected to demonstrate understanding of the pathophysiology and pharmacology involved in the scenarios as well as demonstrating patient assessment skills and the ability to plan evidence-based care that considers the patient’s full condition.

There will be a formative assessment approximately half way through the module. This will provide you with the opportunity to familiarise yourself with this type of assessment and will include questions on one patient scenario.

Your formative and summative assessment submissions should be fully referenced in accordance with university guidelines. You must present your answers in full sentences and paragraphs and be able to demonstrate knowledge of appropriate national and international guidelines relating to the patients’ care.

Module Aims                             

The aim of the module is for you to explore the evidence based holistic care required by a variety of Service Users who experience deterioration in their condition in both primary and secondary care settings, taking into account the importance of interprofessional working.

Learning Outcomes       

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  1. Apply appropriate knowledge of body systems and homeostasis, human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and social and behavioural sciences.
  2. Undertake person-centred nursing assessments and plan care interventions for patients experiencing a variety of forms of deterioration.
  3. Demonstrate understanding of the importance of co-ordinating and undertaking processes and procedures involved in maintaining patient safety including planning and management of safe discharge or transfer between care settings.
  4. Analyse and understand the principles of courage, transparency and the professional duty of candour in recognising and reporting situations, behaviours or errors that could result in poor care outcomes.

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