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Topic: Case Formulation and Treatment Plan Assignment


Please do not plagiarize, this assignment will be turned into Turnitin.
Please use APA format within the year of 2015 or above.

Assignment: Case Formulation and Treatment Plan Assignment

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to complete a comprehensive treatment plan for a specific client (i.e., a client in your clinical practicum, a client in your place of 
employment, a family member or friend). Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning are components of the course and sections to be addressed in this assignment. You cannot 
use the same case used in another course.
The student will be required to provide a DSM-5 diagnosis, a treatment plan and a 
summary integrating evidence-based literature and justifying the treatment plan the 
student developed for the client. The student will also cross reference the DSM IV TR 
diagnosis with the DSM 5 and note any differences in diagnosis or treatment plan.
This assignment should be 7 – 8 pages in length, excluding title page, abstract and reference
pages. Incorporate at least 4 evidenced based research articles that support the diagnosis 
and treatment planning considerations. Follow the following criteria:

1. Identifying information such as demographic information – age, gender, ethnicity, education (DO NOT USE FULL NAMES)
Presenting problem
Mental status description
Medical problems
This is equal to the Introduction on the Grading Rubric
2. DSM 5 diagnoses compare with Multiaxial System (DSM-IV-TR)
Detailed treatment plan with rationale. Include 
medications (psychotropic medications only).
DSM 5 Diagnosis
This is equal to the Focus & Sequencing on the Grading Rubric
3. Client’s strengths
Expected outcomes

This is equal to the Conclusion on the Grading Rubric

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: Nursing

Pages / words: 8 / 2200

Number of sources: 6

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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