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Topic: CaseStudy problem for microbial infection

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Assigned Case Study Problem
You will create a case study for a microbial infection selected from the current pathogen list. Your case study will be assembled using a detailed rubric (see below).

How to create a case study
The case studies are meant to be an enjoyable, interesting, and informative assignment.  This is your chance to show that you understand the key teaching points about a microbe and to communicate these points in a written format.

What information belongs in my case study?
Have ​at least​ 3-4 key referenced points in each of the five areas shown in the Case Study Information Chart (see below).​ ​The left-hand heading in the chart suggests the type of information requested for the pathogen. Outlines can be in whatever form you prefer (bullets/charts/outlines/diagrams or a mix). ​Be sure to include two discussion questions (and provide complete answers) that you can incorporate into your case study​ (place them at the end of your write-up). These questions should help connect your case to other material in the course. For example, what other microbes have an A-B toxin?  What other viruses are transmitted by fecal-oral spread?
How much information should I provide for my case study?
For the Case Study, you are asked to provide ​at least​ ​the information requested in the chart below. The boxed questions are suggestions for the ​minimum amount​ ​of information within each category. The more detailed the information, the better the study. You may consult your textbook, CDC, WHO, FDA, Access Medicine, Google Scholar, NCBI, WebMD, etc. to find the information. For example, if you perform a Google search using the name of the pathogen and the word ‘vaccine’, you will find information on current vaccines (if any), those in clinical trials, vaccines used only in animals, etc. The same will be true when you look for “virulence factors”.

How should I format my references for my case study? 
You will need references for all factual information in your case study. Pertinent references  can be listed at the bottom of your outline in a small font. Your references must include at  least two (2) current peer-reviewed publications from the scientific literature post-2012.  Use AMA format for all references (a PDF document is provided with the case study  directions).
For example, your textbook in-text citation would look like this (1) and your textbook would be shown on your reference page as: 

  1. Anderson D, Salm S, Allen D, Nester E.​ Nester’s Microbiology: A human perspective​. 9th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Education; 2018.
    Be sure to provide the two (2) required discussion questions (as well as provide answers) with your case study.
    Finally, use Google Scholar. Make a noun string of your pathogen’s Latin name and a qualifying term like “vaccines” or “virulence factors”. The site is:
    Be sure to consider the directions carefully and include all the requested information (especially the two discussion questions with responses and your scientific literature references).
    By the time you provide all information for your pathogen (including any figures, illustrations, maps) the case study will be several pages in length. Use AMA format in-text citations and a reference list at the end.
    In sum:
    • Read the rubric carefully, provide all information, discussion
    questions/responses, and references in AMA format.
    Remember that the Case Study is a teaching tool and you are, essentially, teaching me about the pathogen you selected!

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