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Ceremonial Speech Assignment

A ceremony is a ritual that celebrates a formal or religious occasion that holds great significance, such as a wedding, a graduation, a funeral, etc. Often, ceremonies call for people to make speeches to commemorate important people, places, or events. For this assignment, you will choose a ceremony and prepare a speech as though you were attending that ceremony. For example, you could choose a wedding ceremony and present a toast—a speech that honors the bride and groom. Or, you could choose an awards ceremony and prepare an acceptance speech that acknowledges your award, how you won it, and what it means to you. Or, you could choose a political rally and present a speech that introduces a political figure who is about to run for president. There are several types of different ceremonial speeches you could choose to present, such as:

  • An introductory speech: a speech given to introduce an audience to another speaker who is about to present, such as introducing an author before the author gives a reader to a group of fans
  • An acceptance speech: a speech given to thank the people awarding you, accept your award, and discuss what the award means to you, such as speeches given at the Oscars or Grammy Awards
  • A presentation speech: a speech given to present an award to someone else, appreciate their qualities, and explain how and why you chose to award them, such as speeches given at the Oscars or Grammy Awards
  • A commencement speech: a speech given at a graduation that offers advice and insight to graduating students
  • A farewell speech: a speech given to mark a time of transition when moving from one thing, event, or place to another, such as a speech to pay homage to an old stadium if a sports team is moving into a new stadium
  • A dedication speech: speech given to dedicate a new object, person, or place for a special cause, such as opening a new store, completing a building, putting up a plaque or statue, etc.
  • A tribute speech: a speech written to honor the achievements of a great person, group of people, or event, such as a tribute speech to fallen WWII soldiers
  • A eulogy: a speech given at a funeral to honor the life of the deceased
  • A toast: a speech made to honor a special person during a special occasion, such as a toast to honor a person after 25 years of service to a company at their retirement party

Your speech should be around 7-8 minutes long (but no longer than 10 minutes!). You will not be required to use any visual aids. You will not be required to use outside resources for this speech; however, if you do use an outside source, you must cite your sources orally, on your visuals (if you have any), and on a Works Cited page. This speech does not have to be for a real event.

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