Topic: Chemical Dependency Journal

A Dependency Journal needed for SOWK 260 (Chemical Dependency Class) Liberty University
Had to choose a substance (Coffee) refrain from using for two weeks
Paper must include 3 professional resources ( published within 5 years), 5 pages in APA format
must include title page, reason one chooses the substance, self0awareness of each of the 4 areas: (bio, psycho, social, spiritual), How this experience is similar to someone addicted to alcohol/drugs and having to stop using his/her drug of choice, what my plans are for using the substance.
over the next two weeks these were the results that were discovered:
for bio: there were no changes until the last day where there was a weight drop of 3 pounds since not drinking coffee, and found a substitution with some organic fruit/vegetable shakes that was prepared as well a few spiritual walks done in the morning ( just walking in a few miles early morning for self care , connect with myself as well as God).
later having a better attitude and energy. end of second I engaged in exercise routine sleeping better, positive and more energy. last day feeling excited for loosing weight (3lbs) and have realized that one doesn’t crave coffee like before.
social – beginning grumpy, anti social, keeping to myself, tired. my son notice the mood change for when one had to get up in the morning to cook breakfast that wasn’t myself. few days later noticed my attitude was changing for the better, more energy and positive attitude. at end energized and looking forward to each coming day.
Social – beginning inverted stay by myself not engaging in any conversation due to lack of energy. Later would stay busy by working in the garden and engaged in conversation with neighbor. later called family members and friends to make plans for the weekend. Went out and converse with veteran who gave me good insight and advice about life in general. at end went to beach with friends and had family come over for a bar b que. because I was feeling much better it reflected on my social skills.
Spiritual – would be tired to go on my spiritual walks and there were some days that I would make excuses in not going, just to stay home and sleep more. Soon I began saying personal prayers to overcome my addiction to coffee. Soon had enough energy for spiritual walks , later read a verse in Jacob for an assignment, on Rainy days would not go out but would say a prayer instead. Towards the end of the two weeks i went to visit a new church since I relocated and spoke to a nun who also said a prayer for me to overcome. 2nd to last day of experiment on Sunday went to new church.
this experience closely related to someone having quit using a drug/or substance – coffee. its a stimulant which speeds up the messages in your brain, and without it does horrible things to your body. it’s powerful that stimulates the CNV, increasing heart rate and metabolic rate, and an increase of stomach acid. also when coming off of it , like any other drug , your body will go through a withdrawal stage, which may include but are not limited to headaches, irritability nervousness, restlessness and lethargy. my plans is to refrain from using coffee, as I have come to an agreement that i don not need coffee to get things done in my life. I also feel i don’t need something to keep me going , and hat maybe i worked myself too hard and expected that i needed to get everything done in a certain manner, so i have elected to decrease my work load so I do not feel overwhelmed.

Pages: 5 Double spaced(1375 words)
Style and sources: APA7, 3 sources
Free extras: Outline/Title page/Bibliography / Reference page
Study level: Bachelor
Assignment type: Essay
Subject: Health and Medicine
Language: US

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