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Assessment criteria:

The blogs need to critically evaluate your activities whilst engaging with a community. The blogs need to be written as though they are addressing a wider audience on the inter-net. There is a need for academic good practice, in terms of ensuring there are in-text citations to give the work academic credence.

This module enables you to understand the value and importance of civic engagement, within the context of health and wellbeing in the local community. This will entail you engaging with the local community in either a health, social or not for profit organisation.
• Citizenship; you and your community and the relationship between policy and quality.
• Engaging service users and members of the local community through advocacy and
• Methods and application in practice – real examples of successful engagement within
the local community.
• Measuring and Evaluating – outcomes of citizen participation and engagement.
• Civic Engagement is Continuous How you, as a professional nurse, will contribute to
its success.
• The mechanisms that can be used to influence organisational change and public
• The development of political awareness and political advocacy skills.
Learning Outcomes

  1. 1 Engage with the local community – Code = (IC)
  2. 2 To have greater awareness of building community cohesion – Code = (EID)
  3. 3 To participate in local issues – Code = (SID)
  4. 4 Use political and local policy knowledge to support community endeavours- Code
    = (PID)
  5. 5 Work inclusively across cultures – Code = (CID)
  6. 6 Make links with the local community – Code = (CC)
  7. 7 Represent UEL and nursing in general whilst working with community projects =
    A greater understanding of the needs of a local community. – Code = (COI)
    Civic Engagement enables you to engage with the local
    community exposing you to real-world healthcare experiences and situations not
    available in acute hospitals, classroom or simulation settings. Civic engagement
    gives you the opportunity to enhance pre-existing skills and values but also to
    engage in political activity, advocacy and policy making.
    Thinking skills
    1 Critically appraise the role of civic engagement in service design and delivery
    and reflect on the process of personal engagement.
    2 Critically examine the principles for engaging people and communities within
    the context of health and wellbeing and how success can be measured and
    evaluated. Subject-based practical skills
  8. 3 Demonstrate confidence to interact as a professional nurse with individuals and groups in the community, in relation to health promotion and public health
  9. 4 Demonstrate communication and relationship management skills
  10. 5 Reflect on their role and the importance of integrated health and social care.
    You will engage in their local communities in either a health, social or not for profit organisation for additional experience. The placement can take the form of a spoke and hub whereby the student is able to sample different organisational approaches to health and social care.

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Subject : Nursing
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Academic Level : High School
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