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Topic: Commercial law; passing of property and risk


Minimum of 8 pages, arial font size 11 double line spacing, expecting 60-65% grade. 
Noel is a keen antique collector and is looking to add to his ever-expanding collection. He visits Old Antique Ltd in Hatfield on 02nd October, hoping to get a good bargain.

Dom, a sales assistant, shows Noel around the shop and points out a few items he believes Noel would be interested in. After viewing the items, Noel identifies the following items:
1) A French Belle Epoque clock which Noel asks Dom to store until the next day as he is unable to carry the clock home.

2) Noel selects 8 marble sculptures for his newly renovated house in Hatfield. Dom says he is happy to offer them to Noel on a ‘sale or return’ basis. He agrees with Noel that any unwanted sculptures must be returned by 30th October 2019.

3) An 1850 toy steam train. The motor was broken so Dom promised Old Antique Ltd would fix it for Noel.

Noel returned the next day with his car to collect the clock, however, he finds that the shop has been broken into and the clock and the toy steam train have been stolen. The marble sculptures were not stolen, so Noel takes these home.

On 10th October, Noel sells 4 of the sculptures to his friend Mandy, who pays him £100 and says she will pay the rest later. Mandy does not take any of the sculptures with her nor does she make any further payments. Later, when sorting out his collection, Noel accidently knocks one sculpture over causing it to shatter.

Noel informs Old Antique Ltd of an intention to return the sculptures on 29th October. On 02nd November 2019, Old Antique Ltd invoice Noel for 8 marble sculptures. Noel attempts to return the 7 marble sculptures on 03rd November but Old Antique Ltd refuse to accept and instead demand full payment.

Advise Noel as to whether property and risk has passed in each of these transactions, illustrating your answer with relevant statutory provisions and case law.
Maximum page limit is 8 pages, including footnotes but excluding bibliography.
Area of focus; sale of goods Act s16-20

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch


Pages / words: 8/ 2200

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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