Topic: community nursing academic paper Assignment

Paper – Assignment Guidelines – Fall 2020
Academic Paper – 30%
required to write an academic paper and an accompanying professional annotated bibliography.
Description of the Academic Paper
select and research ONE issue from the list of Current and Emerging Issues in Public Health. The Population Health
Promotion Model will serve as a guiding conceptual framework for this assignment. Following the guideline and rubric provided,
students will write an academic synthesis of the issue and an annotated bibliography from four critically selected academic
resources (scholarly, evidence-based, peer-reviewed, appropriate secondary data sources for the chosen topic).
• Students are required to use a minimum of one page for references in the paper; however, a minimum of four annotations
MUST be scholarly choices.
• The annotations for each scholarly source are written in paragraph form and students may use up to two pages for annotations
in the paper.
The purpose of this assignment is for students to deepen their understanding of community health nursing and the prevailing issues in
public health. Students will be able to clearly explain how an issue relates to public health, present evidence to support their synthesis
of the issue, and highlight key interventions or gaps. Further, this assignment will illuminate the importance of the determinants of
health in guiding community health intervention planning and will develop students’ knowledge and skills as community health
Current and Emerging Issues in Public Health
This academic paper will encourage students to examine the many issues that fall under the domain of Public Health. The list of
Current and Emerging Issues in Public Health that follow are issues that have been prominent in the Ottawa or Canadian news in
this past year. Take a look at the list below and reflect upon how or why each topic may be a public health issue. Does the list
surprise you? Which of the topics interest you? What would you like to learn more about?
• Increase in syphilis cases in Ottawa (400% in past 5 years) * and/or increasing rates of STIs in youth
• Increasing rates of head injury in sport
Updated September 22, 2020
• Cyber bullying
• #MeToo Movement and/or high rates of sexual assault in young people age 18-24 years
• Cannabis edibles in the form of candies, gummies, drinks
• Legalization of marijuana
• Rising rates of measles cases
• Childhood obesity rates
• Increase in mood and/or anxiety disorders, especially in the “working population” ages 20-64
• Loneliness as a health concern in the seniors’ population
• Immigrant health needs
• PTSD in residents after environmental emergencies (Consider the recent Ottawa flooding)
• Ottawa’s high rates of food insecurity
• Rising rates of Opioid deaths
• Misinformation in the era of Fake News (how does this impact PH? Specific issues?)
• Vaccine hesitancy
• Climate change and the migration of disease vectors (ticks, mosquitos, other?)
• Human trafficking
• Trans persons’ access to health services/funding (Access to hormone therapy? Surgical intervention? Mental health
support? What is funded?)
• Meat consumption: a concern for climate change? Antibiotic resistance? Or carcinogens (WHO Grp1 and 2A)?
• Accessibility as a human right
• Lack of housing availability crisis in Ottawa
• Access to clean water in Indigenous communities
• COVID-19 Pandemic Wave 2 in Ottawa and rising incidence rates of COVID-19 infection
• Vaping – the new deadly trend?

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Paper format-MLA
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