Topic: Construction Housing company


Answer ONE question from the choice of two below. Maximum word count is 1,000 words.

All questions carry equal grades.

Answer ONE of the following two questions

Q1. You are advising a social housing provider who has purchased 40 three bedroom semi-detached traditionally constructed dwellings in a suburban area. The client intends to undertake a complete refurbishment of the property which would include improvement to the u-value intending to remove fuel poverty.

a) Sketch an eaves drawing showing the main components, labels and hatching.

b) Identify where and how the client could make improvements to the building envelope to reduce the energy usage.

c) List alternatives to the original gas boiler to heat the property and discuss how the property would need to be adapted to suit the installation of the alternative heating methods.

Q2. A local carpet business is expanding, moving out from a large Victorian building and is contemplating purchasing a fifteen year-old steel-clad warehouse. Furthermore, the business stock is susceptible to damp therefore the warehouse will need improvements including a new heating system.

a) Explain with the aid of a series of sketch drawings, the building type and construction details.

b) Draw up a list of alternatives to the current oil-fired boiler which would improve the efficiency of the system and choosing one, explain how it works.

c) What efficiency improvements could be made to the system?

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