Topic: Contemporary Nursing Care for the older person

You are required to complete an essay that aims to increase your knowledge and understanding of the health and social needs of older people. Enable you to identify and discuss the theoretical underpinnings of your chosen topic and the manner in which the specific area of health or social care is being incorporated into modern government policies to address the needs of the older person. To provide a discussion and critical evaluation of existing health and social service provision for the older person and finally  reflect on their own practice, to make it possible for you to identify and discuss the manner in which an understanding of the assignment topic area has facilitated your own professional and personal development. Please note the assignment must address all the learning outcomes in order to gain a passing mark.

Contemporary Nursing Care for the older person – Essay Guidance

4000 Essay

Reference list – not counted in word count

Written in 3rd person


10% of word count- 400 words approximately. Use the learning outcomes to inform me of what it is you will be discussing within your essay.

The assignment focuses on discussing ageing in general terms. Therefore you should not merely focus on one specific illness.

Main body

Make sure you address all five learning outcomes in the main body of your text.

Use of statistics – global, national and local to identify why it is important to focus health care delivery on older people. Use predictions of population trends to demonstrate the increasing older population. Correlation of reduced birth rate, increasing older population etc.

Theories of ageing. Look at different theories. Compare and contrast. What do the theories say of how we age? How does this apply to your chosen topic? Do the theories help us to understand ageing better and therefore care in hospital or community settings for our older people?

The modernisation agenda. What do the recent government policies say about caring for older people in practice settings?

What policies are relevant to your chosen topic? Do we use and meet the recommendations from policy in practice?

Consider the physical, psychological and social aspects of ageing. Use the theories to identify problems and to problem solve in practice. Relate to your chosen topic

Discuss the presentation of symptoms, physical and mental effects of the condition/ conditions in older people. Consider the effects of multiple pathologies. How does this affect the care we give consider MDT / collaborative working / mental health/ depression/ loss of role in society/ social isolation/ grieving (loss)/ bereavement?

Consider multi disciplinaryteam work in relation to care for older people. What is its role and why it is important? Who can be part of the team and where does the nurse fit in?


10% – 400 words

Summarise your findings in relation to the five learning outcomes. So do not just repeat your introduction and tell me what you have addressed. You need to go more in depth into the actual content. 

No new information

No references in the conclusion

Reference List – Level HE5 – It is expected that the Reference List will contain between ten and fifteen sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include two refereed academic journals and four academic books

Learning outcomes :

LO1:  Discuss the theories of ageing and interpret population trends in relation to predictions for health care for older people, both in the community and in practice settings in future years

LO2:  Demonstrate an ability to analyse the impact of the modernisation agenda (i.e. government policy) on health care of the older person in practice settings

LO3:  Demonstrate an understanding of the physical, psychological and social aspects associated with ageing and apply theory to practice in relation to problems which may arise.

LO4: Discuss the presentation of common physical and mental health problems encountered in older people and evaluate notions of ageing and multiple pathology

LO5: Analyse the importance of interdisciplinary and interagency communication and working amongst care providers.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-15 / 4000
Number of sources-15
Academic level-Undergraduate
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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