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Content Analysis
Conduct a content analysis on the data provided through the Riverbend City scenario by identifying one theme in the data.

Discuss the theme.

Provide quotes from the data as examples of the theme.

Quotes from scenario:
1. Richard Agin
CEO of Community Action Center
“I’ll tell you one thing: more than anything else, I want to emphasize process. Since this program is essentially my little kingdom, I often find myself in direct contact with donors, granting agencies, and accrediting bodies. And I hate having to answer their questions about how things are going with vague, anecdotal evidence.”

2. Eduardo Alvarez
Homeless Teen Program Director
“We’re looking for ways to use analytics to evaluate the teen homelessness program? I need a moment to switch my brain out of day-to-day mode and into long-term-thinking mode. We have this tactical day-to-day reality of “how can I help Jenny, the 15-year-old who’s currently sleeping under an overpass, find a place to stay with some permanence?” And your project is to help us look at the big picture so that we can tell how well we’re doing in our endless series of day-to-day realities.”

3. Heather Adams
Case Manager, Homeless Teen Program
“I’d like to know about…I guess I’d like it if we could try to figure out what individual things are important about the teens we work with, in terms of making a difference in how they wind up in the program and how able we are to help them.”

Family Conflict + Mental Health = POST FAMILY CONFLICT (Post-FC).

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