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Exploring how the cool media of instant messaging effect people and falls in line with McLuhan’s theory. Find ONE instant messaging PLATFORM and share attributes and its affordances and how it aligns with McLuhan’s concept.

Here are the following instructions and I have attached a form of references used for previous journal assignments to build this paper.
1. Introduction section (1 page). This section of the paper should be the last thing you actually write – it is much easier to formulate once you have written the rest of your paper. It is the KEY to persuading your reader to read on, so it is very important that it appears thoughtful, provocative and polished.

Following are some guidelines for this introductory section:

The purpose of the introduction is to frame a conversation. Always remember that writing is a form of communication. You are writing for readers, for an audience. You should use the introduction to help guide the reader through your ideas. You need to prepare them for what will be coming later in the paper.

a) Start with a short anecdote, fact, example or image – a specific (not a general) one that you have discovered in your research that pertains to your thesis argument and draws the reader in and helps to set the stage for what follows. Then bring in your research question. The first assignment you did was to pick a research topic. This topic needs to be turned into a specific question and appear as one here.

b) Put the question in context. This context should consist of two parts.

i) Why is this question important? Why should the reader care?

ii) Provide a hook. What is fascinating about your question? What are some interesting things the reader should know?

c) Briefly mention the theory that you will explore in the theoretical bearings section. How is this theory section relevant to the empirical example you have and will be examining?

2. Theoretical Bearings – (about 2 pages) – please see the description in the final project journal.

3. Explore an Empirical Example – (about 3-4 pages) – please see the description in the fourth project journal.

4. Conclusion (problems and solutions) – (about 1 page)

A conclusion is meant to wrap things up in a coherent way. In order to do so, you will want to come back to the research question, answering it in the best way possible based on the data (empirical example) you collected.

a) A summary of your findings. This should be short (a paragraph long at most).

b) Answer the following question: Based on your empirical example, how do your theoretical bearings look? Are they steering you on the right course or do you have to change directions? Explain why.

c) Make suggestions for future research. What would you want to do next if you had the time/inclination?

d) Reiterate what you want your audience to learn from the paper. Why did you write it? Tell them why what they are reading is very important. What does it matter in the larger scheme of things?

5. Finally you must write a references page in MLA format. If you have any questions about how to do this, please use this website.

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