Topic: Corona virus effects in the UK essay


The whole world and the UK economy are facing a challenging time amid the outbreak of Corona virus (Covid-19), in the light of the above statement, answer the following questions,

Task 1
a) What are the current three main issues the UK economy is facing? Discuss them?
b) What is the impact of Corona virus on employment?
c) Do you think we are heading for another recession? And why?
d) Explain why inflation is a problem and how we measure the inflation rate?
e) Explain why unemployment is a problem, and how we measure unemployment?

Task 2
The Bank of England (BoE) is the central bank for the United Kingdom. It has a wide range of responsibilities, like those of most central banks around the world. It acts as the government’s
bank and the lender of last resort. It issues currency and, most importantly, it oversees monetary policy.

a) Explain the transmission channels through which the bank of England influences real GDP, jobs, and inflation?
b) What are the effects of corona virus on economic growth of the United Kingdom?

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