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Application Project

Students will apply information learned from the course through application of course concepts to the following scenario:

Tom is a 40-year old alcoholic and homeless male. He is known by all of the local police who patrol his area of the community because they see him on the streets almost daily. When on the streets, Tom exhibits heightened states of anxiety from time to time and is also a bit paranoid, but is otherwise considered hamrless. It seems that he reoffends each year, engaging in some form of criminal behavior that requires his arrest by police.

He tends to do this just before the winter months of the year. Police officers and jailers know that he does this to avoid the harsh cold winters in your city, and as noted before, they all consider him quite harmless, though he is much more crass and mean when detoxifyinf from the alcohol. It seems there are several other offenders just like Tom – generally harmless, but nuisances to the public and violates of city ordinances. The police know them all by name and generally ignore them until they begin to commit minro acts that require arrest.

The problem is that multiple offenders like Tom seem to be collecting throughout the city. You have several on your caseload, and the county jail is getting quite full due to drug sweeps by area police. The mayor has contacted the judges and asked them to work something out to alleviate the problems with the drunken, mentally disordered homeless in your area.

Tom is on your supervision caseload as a repeat misdemeanor offender. You have been asked to ehlp out with his case by the community supervision agency, some local judges, and the city mayor’s office. This group wants to determine a model case management program for not only Tom but others like him. You must explain how you would conduct case management with Tom, making sure to address what you might find from a client needs assessment.

You should also correcty identify and classify any mental health and/or co-occuring issues that affect Tom. In addition, provide a Global Assessment of Functioning scale rating for Tom, using your own best judgment. Provide a rationale for your rating. In addition, explain if there is a type of residential treamtnet facility that might work better than jail placement when meeting Tom’s – and similar offenders – needs.

This assignment will require that you complete outside research on your own. Responses to the scenario must be both correct and balanced in approach (consisting of realistic possibilities). Students should complete this application exercise as a paper that explains and responds to all parts of the scenario.

Students are to incorporate sources in the development of their response, citing any information that is not considered common knowledge. An example of common knowledge is that the sky is blue. Students are to use at least six scholarly sources, with the textbook counting as an obvious source. Students are welcome to use sources provided in Blackboard as well as additional scholarly sources, which must be cited in the paper as well as included in the reference list.

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