Topic: Courage to be willing Nursing Essay


Analyze Your Courage to be Willing (2-3 pages, 1-2 references)oAnalyze qualities of willingness and reluctance that pertain to organizational change (Non-nursing Students) or project implementation (DNP Students).

oModify paper parts 1-3 if needed as per feedback from instructor. oConclusion: Drawing on the leadership profile you developed in paper part 1, write a conclusion that elicits a call to action:

oThe Call to Action succinctly identifies short term objectives and associated tactics from both a leadership and from an organizational perspective that you will need to lead organizational change (Non-nursing Students) or your project (DNP Students). For example, if one of the issues you may identify is lack of trust in the organization, what is your plan to build trust in the short term; what steps will you take?

oThink about your post EI scores, and other results that you have regarding your leadership style. What is your plan to strengthen your leadership characteristics that will be important in the implementation of organizational change (Non-nursing Students) or your project implementation (DNP Students)?

For example, if your leadership style is controlling, what will you need to change? How?

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