Topic: Course Project business disciplines and business or organization concepts


• Project will enhance the basic foundational knowledge of various business disciplines and business or organization concepts
• Project will allow for better understanding of business environment and how various businesses are managed
• Pick one business that interests you that fits under each of the following three business ownership structures: LLC, Corporation, and Franchise
• In lieu of an LLC, a legitimate sole proprietorship or partnership may be substituted
• Report on and provide an overview of each of the three companies’ organization (origins, history, background, structure, number of employees, etc.)
• Explore each of the business styles, sharing challenges, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, how they are organized (org. chart, centralized/decentralized, etc.) for each of the three business categories, as well as the industry related to the business
• Compare and contrast the three business ownership structures, citing at least one scholarly peer article for each of the three types of business structure (LLC, Franchise, Corporation)
• For each of the businesses, tie in course concepts and information, such as do they subscribe to economic or socio-economic model, leadership style they subscribe to, how they are organized (organizational chart), how they motivate employees/teams, how they attract and retain good employees, HR and employee relations, supply chain, etc. (Need a minimum of six concepts for each of the businesses)
• Since there is much more information available for corporations selected, go into much more depth and identify the type of organizational design of the corporation, and analyze the business’ style
• Selection of business to use for each business type must be approved by the instructor (this is primarily to avoid and prevent students having the same businesses) (email chosen businesses to instructor ASAP to get approval and to help allow your first choice)
• Make recommendation, if any, for improvements to the corporation, as far as organizational design, organizational structure, etc., knowing that you are looking from an outside overview of the company
• Cite all sources used to attain the information used
• Find and use at minimum three scholarly peer reviewed articles/sources (journals, articles, etc.), covering advantages/disadvantages and contrasting each of the three forms of business (LLC, Franchise, Corporation.

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