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Topic: Course Project (Strategic Plan Evaluation)


While the mission statement is the structure under which a university functions, the strategic plan is a long-term vision for where the institution is going. It accomplishes this task by creating a plan or roadmap for this vision.

A strategic plan is driven by the university’s desire to continuously improve. An effective strategic plan is accomplished through thoughtful commitment and planning, vision for the future, and institutional analysis.

Institutions often conduct analysis on their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, or SWOT analysis. This planning leads to goals and strategies that must be initiated in order to achieve the vision.

A strategic plan requires collaborative effort among campus administrators to proactively progress their institution forward through careful and intentional planning.

Activity Instructions
Research three to four different (public, private, two-year, four-year, for-profit, etc.) university websites for the institution’s strategic plan. Create a chart that records and illustrates how each university addresses plans for persistence, retention, and graduation. Be sure to include links to the strategic plans in your chart.

In a narrative, compare and contrast the commonalities and differences between the institutions’ plans for persistence, retention, and graduation. Which do you believe are the most effective plans? Why?

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