Topic: Covid-19 Pandemic environmental science essay


1. Discuss and reflect on how the pandemic changed your lives so far, classes, and project, etc. especially any suggestions to improve online teaching.

2. Discuss and reflect on how the University of Cincinnati can do better to prepare for emergencies, changes, etc.

3. Air quality in Sultanate of Oman: an overview of air quality issues, air pollutant sources, regulations, what are monitored, etc. How is the air quality changed at Oman during the COVID-19 pandemic? How’s people’s behavior changed? take some pictures of the sources would be really helpful. Provide some references (English), such as useful websites and/or papers

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Subject-Environmental Science
Pages / words-7 / 1925
Number of sources-8
Academic level-Undergraduate
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
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