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Topic: creative problem solving for managers


Question 1. Please do your own rough versions of the causal map (group cognitive map) on paper – and then when ready, transfer your map to the first PowerPoint Slide file called “Cognitive Mapping Template Answer” for submitting your final neat causal map answer.Use the spaces provided for parts ii), iii) and iv) for question 1 in the Word file “Answer Booklet”. Question 2. Again first do your rough answers on paper- then for your final neat answers to submit, please type out the answers for parts i) and ii) of question 2 in the spaces provided in the Answer Booklet file. Take as much space as you wish.Use the Conceptual Model Diagram in the Answer Booklet for part iii) of question 2. Type out parts iv) and v) in the Answer Booklet in the spaces provided. Use as much space as you wish,Question 3. For parts i) and iii) please draw your final versions of the 2 causal loop diagrams and parts ii) and iv) the graphs of behaviour, in the spaces provided in the second PowerPoint slide file called “Causal Loop Diagram Drawings and Behaviour Graph Answers”. Use as much space as you like.To do the causal loop diagrams, first list your variables and pairs etc and then draw them on paper – and then use Shapes in Word for doing your causal loop diagrams and / or use the symbols / shapes provided in the added word file – “Symbols to use for Causal Loop Diagrams and Graph of Behaviour”. Use either of these also for the graph of behaviour in parts ii) and iv). First decide / write out your own answers to question 3 v) and vi) and vii) then type out your answers in the spaces provided in the Answer Booklet.
IMPORTANT: Please write your answers on the answer booklet provided below

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